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Fairfax County - Virginia Team

CJJR is proud to announce the Fairfax County, Virginia team as the winner of the 2016 Capstone of the Year Award. After attending our 2014 Juvenile Diversion Certificate Program, the team developed and implemented a Capstone Project aimed at improving outcomes for youth participating in diversion and restorative justice programs in Fairfax County. In addition to demonstrating strong, multi-system collaboration designed to increase successful program completion and decrease recidivism, the team is using a data-driven approach to reduce racial and ethnic disparities at the point of system referral. 

Through their Capstone Project, the Fairfax County team expanded the Alternative Accountability Program (AAP), a community restorative justice program that serves as an early diversion option for youth involved in the juvenile justice system.

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Wayne County Pilots Crossover Youth Practice Model, Improves Agency Collaboration

In January, CJJR facilitated a daylong training in partnership with Casey Family Programs and Wayne County to educate front-line staff from the county’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the Care Management Organizations (CMOs) on working with the crossover youth population in Michigan. The training served as the information session for the Crossover Youth pilot that would launch on February 1st.

The initial phase of the Crossover Youth pilot would focus on how DHHS and the CMOs collaborate on current cases of dually adjudicated youth. The pilot will expand in...
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Bilchik is Recipient of 2017 Distinguished Investigator Award 

The Office of the Provost at Georgetown University will honor Shay Bilchik in March as a “2017 Distinguished Georgetown Investigator,” for his extraordinary achievements in research. For the fourth consecutive year, Shay has been honored by Provost Robert Groves and Associate Provost Janet Mann with this award.

The Distinguished Investigator Award annually recognizes and honors leading Georgetown University faculty who have exhibited exceptional sponsored research performance. This year, 24 faculty from Georgetown’s main campus will receive the award.
Congratulations, Shay!


New Practice Guide Promotes Safety, Well-Being of LGBTQ Youth in Juvenile Justice

Impact Justice and the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) developed a practice guide to support California probation departments in meeting their obligation to promote the safety and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, questioning, and/or gender nonconforming and transgender (LGBQ/GNCT) youth in their care and custody.

We are excited to share this important resource with the field, and to hold our inaugural "Supporting the Well-Being of System-Involved LGBTQ Youth" Certificate Program in October in partnership with both Impact Justice and NCLR.

Download LGBTQ Practice Guide.


New Resources Help Translate Juvenile Justice Research Into Practice

The Council of State Governments Justice Center recently published the Juvenile Justice Research-to-Practice Implementation Resources with support from OJJDP. These online resources provide juvenile justice agency managers, staff, and other practitioners with concrete strategies, tools, examples, and best-practice models to help them implement research-informed policies and practices and improve outcomes for youth in the juvenile justice system.

The resources, organized by common challenges for juvenile justice programs and agencies, draw from the expertise of researchers and the promising practices identified by practitioners around the country. Each resource offers methods to address those common challenges, specifically in the areas of Family Engagement and Involvement and Evidence-Based Programs and Services.

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