KB Life - Are You Ready?
With only six months, well actually five full months before 2015 ends, my question is - are you living the KB Life? Not sure what the heck I am talking about? Then continue  reading this the first of a limited series of KB Life Newsletter. Be sure to take advantage of the amazing tips, guides and offers shared with you - my amazing Long Bench partners and friends! Feel free to share this newsletter and invite your friends to join in!


What is the KB Life?
It is the one I am living! Funny, mine started only a couple years ago. Consciously.
Some might tell you that my journey has been all about KB - with my personality, no-nonsense approach and straight talking ways.

“So what is it – this KB Life of which you speak?” I hear you asking and it is simply this – The Kick-Butt Life.
Melissa Greer outlined the “5 amazing benefits of kickboxing for women” as:
  • Melting
  • Toning
  • Self Defense
  • Stress Relief
  • Sex appeal and Confidence Building  
Everyone who knows me will tell you that exercise and I are not friends. Living and I are best buds, however, and this is where I apply kickboxing techniques to Life.

Over the next rest of this year, I want to work with a few of you. I will select 2 persons to join me melting, toning, defending, relieving and turn up the sexy confidence in our lives. It matters not whether you are female or male – we all can kick butts and live the sweet life – as we define it.
The great news is – the person who kicks the most, the highest and, paradoxically the sweetest will receive an award from me this Christmas.

Yes, you will get your Bobblehead Kickboxer!!!
Look out for an email soon inviting you, if you are one of the two, to join the challenge and get ready to launch your KB Life!


Each month, I will rewind "The Best Wellness, " article published on my blog. Kicking us off - pun intended - are coconuts. Hard suckers to crack but oh, so delicious. Check out the article and share with me some of your favourite coconut oil recipes or...wait for it..the best use you have made of the Nut!


If there is only one thing you remember and carry with you throughout this month - THIS IS YOUR LIFE.

You get to choose how, with whom and where you will BE You. The time when to be you is Now.

Nothing else matters! Remember that and start doing the KB. I would be so honoured to journey with you. As a mark of my appreciation for your joining my mailing list, signing up for this free newsletter - here is a downloadable and printable copy of my most popular Poster on Facebook.

I love you!